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Fb Auto Liker provides us free likes. Followers, comments, Geo likes, and Page likes. It is the best thing happened to Facebook as many people around the world try to get the above-mentioned advantages on their profiles. It is easy to use. You need to sign up on the app or online website to get started. There are easy tasks for you to start with that can help you get more benefits. Obviously, if you are thinking for establishing new online business for yourself, you need some audience who can see you posts and pictures. This can help you bring more audience and views on your page. If you want to engage international audience then you need geo likes on you pages and FB auto liker is one of the best to provide you those likes in minutes. You can also pick the buying option if you’re not interested in getting free likes in hours. The buying option can bring you easy likes and followers in seconds which is a fine deal I guess. You are not going to get fake likes or followers in Fb auto liker. The likes, followers provided with the help of Auto liker are original and there is no privacy issue involved. So, you don’t need to panic at all while using services of FB auto liker as it provides you total security. Your account is not set to the public mode due to the reasons while using Fb auto liker to keep you safe. The results are guaranteed and anyone from anywhere of the world can use the above-mentioned services.


Our website Fb Auto Liker provides best services for visitors to get better result on your facebook timeline. We offer all services free of cost, here you can use all these services given below.

auto likes

Auto Like

What are auto like for Facebook? Auto like are attained with the help of some online applications and online websites. You can have hundreds and thousands of likes on your photos and videos on Facebook by just doing small tasks required by the app or website. You don’t need to wait for too long to get auto likes after posting you status and photos. Tasks that are offered for you to get likes on your picture aren’t the tough ones. You don’t need to feel any hesitation while choosing an appropriate app for you to do the job. Just go for it and enjoy thousands of likes in no time! Fb Auto Liker provides you to get free 500 facebook likes on photos, status and video after every 10 minute submit.

auto followers

Auto Followers

The followers on the Facebook are as important as in case of Instagram. The Facebook followers can be increased with the many options available in the market. These options help you to increase your auto followers in a very fine way. Let me tell you one thing, these followers are not fake ones when you choose Fb auto liker for this service. More followers on the Facebook make you feel like a celebrity on this social media. So, all you need to do is to choose one of the options there on the internet to get thing done for you. Our website provide you 1000 free followers on every submission and can increase your facebook followers.

auto reactions

Auto Reactions

This is another thing that page want on their photos to make them feel better. When you are on social media, obviously, you want others to react on your photos and statuses. If you are getting it from your friends there on the Facebook then it is fine, if not, find a way of your own to get few by doing some work on the internet. Most of the applications around there don’t offer this option i.e. auto reactions. But, you can use Fb Auto like for this purpose and consider this job done in seconds. So go for the perfect deal and enjoy the rest. Our website provide new facebook feature called auto reactions. Auto reaction will increase your fb reactions.

auto comments

Auto Comments

Just like auto followers and likes, there are also auto comments for the Facebook users. The give and take phenomenon work there in online applications. You need to comment or perform some of the tasks available or required to get comments on your photos and videos. Most of the people do that to get more traffic to their pages and picture which is a good thing for a Facebook user. You can have thousands of comments by just paying a small real money if you are not interested in doing nothing on the page. Get ready and be a superstar on Facebook in few minutes of work. Most websites don’t support auto comments, but this website will help you to increase your comments on all your posts.

page likes

Page Likes

Most of the people create their own pages to get more attention towards them. Celebrities make their pages and get real likes in no time without doing anything as they already have fans around there on the social media. For a normal user, it becomes more difficult to get likes on their pages. Some people want more likes on their pages to promote their products and videos. For these people, we have a great idea by letting them know about the great apps that can help you in bringing more likes and traffic to their pages. It is super easy! Fb Liker also provides facebook page likes, by using this service you can get free facebook likes on your page.

geo likes

Geo Likes

Geo likes is one of the best tool provider, this auto liker tool will help you to likes from 200+ target countries. This is where most users choke i.e. they want more likes from all around the world but fail. It is the hardest thing to get likes from the different countries as your posts on the social media are shown according to your location. So, if you want more likes from the other countries then you need a pro application or website that can do it easily. Fb Auto Liker can do the job for you in a very good way. Geo likes are difficult to get but are possible when it comes to Fb auto liker. Go for it!



Below are the following features we provide to our users.

Spam Free

Our website is spam free and safe, because many auto liker websites use spamming on your timeline.


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User Friendly

If website is hard to use then people will not come to use it, so that’s why our website is very easy to use.

Instant Likes

Our server is too much fast, when you submit the button you will get likes in a couple of minutes.

Give Away

Our website have given away likes every month and every user have a chance to win 100K likes or followers.